Nathan Fillion to Marry

Christina Ochoa

Nathan Fillion has apparently not felt the rush to get married until recently when two of his co-stars from the popular Castle convinced him otherwise. It is rumored that he will be flying to Barcelona, Spain in the not to distant future in order to ask for his girlfriend’s, Christina Ochoa, parents for her hand in marriage. Despite their busy schedules and only having been dating for approximately a year, it looks like he is more than ready to settle down, especially considering how happy he has seen Jon Huerta, who portray’s Javier Esposito, being very happy after his honeymoon.

Up until recently I had not heard of Christina Ochoa before but soon after looking her up it is not difficult to see why he became attracted to her. She is not only very pretty but she also has the brains to accompany it. Christina Ochoa is a graduate of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a degree in Oceanographic Engineering; she also holds a degree in Marine Biology from James Cook University in Australia and is currently pursuing another degree in Physics from the National University of Distance Education. She is also an active member of MENSA, having joined in 2009.

According to Ochoa science is her life but that acting has filled a void she was unaware she had. She has appeared in Modern Family, The Neighbors, and currently has a series coming out called Matador. She is also a published writer with a few articles having been published on Vogue SpainH, and also had a monthly article for El Imparcial.

I do not know if this is in fact true but if it is then I wish them the best of luck. So, Castle fans what do you make of this rumor, do you believe he will in fact settle down? or is he rushing into soon?


Nathan Fillion to Marry

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